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Hospitality is at the heart of everything Pauline Parry does. Even her creative projects such as books and artistic collaborations reflect her philosophy that we are all here to enjoy each other and the best of what life has to offer. In all these projects you will find what Pauline has – that food, fun and love bring memorable experiences to the table.


My Culinary Love Story:  How Food, Fun and Love Led to a New Life

In Pauline’s engaging debut memoir, you are invited into her early life in England in the seventies as she discovers her love for the culinary arts, travel and her future husband.

It all begins when Pauline, a newly single mother, gets an unexpected invitation to work at a bistro in a quaint English market town. The job includes a flat above the bistro allowing her to work and live with her children in the same place. After moving in, she finds she loves the excitement of the kitchen and of being on her own.

But she is not alone for long. Pauline is soon joined on her journey by a handsome carpenter, and the result is a snowy, romantic Christmas wedding. Every juicy detail of the romance between Pauline and Dennis, how they build a relationship and family, and every bite of the cuisine Pauline learns to master are chronicled in a story that takes you from one to English Christmas to the next over several years.  

At the end of each chapter, Pauline includes recipes from the culinary moments she experiences. All 64 dishes in the book are illustrated by beautiful watercolors. And many of them are on the menu today at Good Gracious!

We know you will love My Culinary Love Story as you follow along with Pauline’s early years, the setbacks she faced with resilience and the many victories she met with gratitude.

YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST! My Culinary Love Story has been re-imagined into script form by a top Hollywood screenwriter and is destined to be made into a movie.

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Party styles and ideas

Food Fun and Love: Party Styles

Join Pauline and her Los Angeles celebrity clientele in a behind-the-scenes look at a variety of party styles. Mouth-watering recipes, detailed tips culled from years of entertaining and photographs of Pauline’s many memorable events will inspire you to take your next festive occasion to new heights.

This is your insider’s invitation to Pauline’s fabulous events, including a warehouse cocktail party with late-night cuisine and cutting-edge cocktails; a poolside dinner featuring Latin-inspired dishes that breaks all the rules; a ladies’ afternoon tea rich with tradition; a chic garden picnic party featuring wonderful wines; and an extravagantly stylized wedding that will take your breath away.

These events and many others are shown in brilliant detail, including menus, recipes and design inspirations to try at your next special event.

Each chapter features real people enjoying gourmet cuisine, specialty drinks and inspired environments in the company of friends and family, the way life should be.

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A Slice of Romance for Your Life

An artistic collaboration between Pauline and her friend Janette Carpenter resulted in 64 illustrations for the recipes in My Culinary Love Story.
Pauline’s favorite pieces have been reproduced into gicleés (meaning “sprayed ink”). The process utilizes the latest technology in reproducing artwork that retains the subtle detail and color of the original.
Each 9-by-11.5-inch piece is unframed, and printed on high-quality watercolor paper with deckled edges.

Learn more about Janette’s artistic process here

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Travel with Pauline: Guides to Food, Food and Love

Pauline reveals her favorite restaurants, stories, hotels and experiences in:

England • Los Olivos, California • Los Angeles • Dubai

Travel Guides

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