Culinary is the heart of Good Gracious! Events produced by a team passionate about food, memorable moments and sharing it with the world. Founder and CEO Pauline Parry along with her dynamic team have provided award-winning services in all areas of culinary, beverage, hospitality for the corporate, social and wedding markets. Our ultimate goal is to not just be exclusive but, to be the preferred for all your events. We listen, we create, we bring your vision to fruition with only the highest standards.

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pauline's favorite things 2022

Pauline’s Favorite Things 2022

Good Gracious! Events owner and founder Pauline Parry’s annual holiday gift guide—Pauline’s Favorite Things 2022—has arrived! As the head of an award-winning catering and events company based in Los Angeles, she knows a few things about the importance of quality and detail. After all, it’s these very things that set Good Gracious! Events apart from the rest.   For the fifth year in a row, she is sharing the coveted list of her favorite things, perfect for gifting to others or yourself for a job well done this year! As I sat down to curate my favorite things this year,

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cooking for a crowd

Cooking for a Crowd

I have a simple wish–when a guest is about to go to an event, they say to their friends “And the food will be from Chef Joanne Purnell from Good Gracious Events!” They know this because the invitation says it, because that’s how much of a FOMO draw the chef is.    Does it sound crazy? Why shouldn’t catering and banquet chefs be as lauded as restaurant chefs? Why is it that cooking for a crowd gets little or no attention unless it’s a restaurant chef doing it? I believe that what we do every week year-in-and year-out is as

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Let’s Talk About Wine

Wine cocktails get a bad rap and for good reason. Who hasn’t suffered a nasty hangover drinking sugary sangria or tried to talk yourself into enjoying a wine margarita? And then, there are all type of spritzers. Many are quite nice, but they can’t come close to the complex layer of flavors that you get from a cocktail. But that changed for me when I made it my mission to find some tasty wine-based drinks that don’t taste like wine. One of my most popular venues, the Annenberg Community Beach House, doesn’t allow spirits, and we often serve guests who

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My Perspective On Teamwork

I recently was fortunate enough to see a performance of OVO Cirque de Soleil at Microsoft Theater, complete with a VIP experience with the whole Good Gracious! Events team as a little THANK YOU for all the outstanding hard work they did to execute an event!    The performance was absolutely brilliant, and I was mesmerized by the cleverness of the costumes, the outstanding talent and fascinated by the production of the event!   As I watched the show, I thought about all the effort that went into creating such a mesmerizing production. It reminded me of the work my

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entertaining with family for cousin max

Entertaining with Family

Come along as Chef Jojo shares a special night of entertaining with family, complete with tacos, tequila and mariachi! I’m fortunate to have been raised in a family where entertaining others was a way of life. Our doors were always open for hospitality, and we often had someone or other staying with us.   My brother and I knew we could have friends over and my Mum would always have fresh baked biscuits to nibble on. And they were always welcome to join us for dinner.   Life always felt centered around parties and gatherings, and it seems, even to

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Chef Jojo's Memories in Mexico

Chef Jojo’s Memories in Mexico

Join Chef Jojo as she recounts her favorite memories from the ICA’s Culinary Learning Journey in Mexico. As a board member of the International Caterers Association, I love being able to take culinary learning journeys with colleagues who have turned into great friends. These trips have touched every part of the globe, with the latest taking place in Mexico in January. Since my mum couldn’t go, we decided to invite my dear friend and fellow catering chef in Los Angeles, Jennie Cooks. Mexico has beautiful scenery, proud people, amazing food and fabulous mezcal. What more could we ask for?! Not

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