Culinary is the heart of Good Gracious! Events produced by a team passionate about food, memorable moments and sharing it with the world. Founder and CEO Pauline Parry along with her dynamic team have provided award-winning services in all areas of culinary, beverage, hospitality for the corporate, social and wedding markets. Our ultimate goal is to not just be exclusive but, to be the preferred for all your events. We listen, we create, we bring your vision to fruition with only the highest standards.

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Host a Dinner Party Like a Pro

The resurgence of dinner parties is a testament to our innate desire for connection, community, and meaningful experiences. In an increasingly fast-paced world, gathering around the table with loved ones offers a refuge—a place where we can nourish not only our bodies but also our souls. So let’s embrace the art of hospitality, cultivate meaningful relationships, and celebrate the joy of coming together over a shared evening. After all, there’s nothing quite like the magic of a dinner party.   Join me on a particular evening in February for a fool-proof outline to hosting a memorable dinner party not just

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pauline's favorite things

Pauline’s Favorite Things 2023

The highly anticipated annual holiday gift guide from Pauline Parry, the Owner and Founder of Good Gracious! Events, is here! Pauline’s Favorite Things 2023 is an exquisite collection curated by the Queen of style and entertainment herself.   Get ready to elevate your gifting, whether it’s for your loved ones or a treat for yourself to celebrate another year of sheer fabulousness! Presenting 10 items that have been my personal favorites – worn, adored, and gifted – throughout this year. I trust these recommendations will assist you in navigating your holiday shopping. Enjoy! Ballet flats are making a triumphant return

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hot chocolate bar

Holiday Entertaining: What Is At The Bar?

Here we are deep in the midst of the holidays, and in our industry, this time of year is the most challenging. We work long hours to bring holiday magic to our clients, but it is that feeling which keeps us going.   After all, how many can say their profession gives them the joy of making all the food of the holidays?! The kitchen is in a constant frenzy as we make cookies, turkeys, desserts, hot chocolate, spiced apple and cranberry cider and all things that scream Christmas. Throughout the month of December, we are surrounded by a perpetual

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pauline's favorite things 2022

Pauline’s Favorite Things 2022

Good Gracious! Events owner and founder Pauline Parry’s annual holiday gift guide—Pauline’s Favorite Things 2022—has arrived! As the head of an award-winning catering and events company based in Los Angeles, she knows a few things about the importance of quality and detail. After all, it’s these very things that set Good Gracious! Events apart from the rest.   For the fifth year in a row, she is sharing the coveted list of her favorite things, perfect for gifting to others or yourself for a job well done this year! As I sat down to curate my favorite things this year,

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cooking for a crowd

Cooking for a Crowd

I have a simple wish–when a guest is about to go to an event, they say to their friends “And the food will be from Chef Joanne Purnell from Good Gracious Events!” They know this because the invitation says it, because that’s how much of a FOMO draw the chef is.    Does it sound crazy? Why shouldn’t catering and banquet chefs be as lauded as restaurant chefs? Why is it that cooking for a crowd gets little or no attention unless it’s a restaurant chef doing it? I believe that what we do every week year-in-and year-out is as

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Let’s Talk About Wine

Wine cocktails get a bad rap and for good reason. Who hasn’t suffered a nasty hangover drinking sugary sangria or tried to talk yourself into enjoying a wine margarita? And then, there are all type of spritzers. Many are quite nice, but they can’t come close to the complex layer of flavors that you get from a cocktail. But that changed for me when I made it my mission to find some tasty wine-based drinks that don’t taste like wine. One of my most popular venues, the Annenberg Community Beach House, doesn’t allow spirits, and we often serve guests who

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Wedding Inspirations

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Spendid Communications

We have smaller teams working in the kitchen so that everyone is adequately spaced 6 feet apart per WHO guidelines. We have also implemented temperature scanning upon arrival to our kitchen and encourage our staff to stay home and use company-paid sick hours if they are not feeling well.

Our team wears gloves and masks while on the premises. They wash hands hourly at minimum and sanitize the kitchen frequently throughout each day using EPA-approved disinfectant for the fight against COVID-19.  

Our food has always been prepared on-site daily to ensure freshness and upmost safety standards. Ordering and payment are done through our website so that our guests can enjoy contactless curbside pick-up. 

Our new packaging includes meal seals to ensure the food and drink items have not been opened or tampered with during the pick-up or delivery process. 

If you have any other questions regarding our health and safety measures, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. We look forward to serving you.