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Pauline’s Favorite Things 2023

The highly anticipated annual holiday gift guide from Pauline Parry, the Owner and Founder of Good Gracious! Events, is here! Pauline’s Favorite Things 2023 is an exquisite collection curated by the Queen of style and entertainment herself.


Get ready to elevate your gifting, whether it’s for your loved ones or a treat for yourself to celebrate another year of sheer fabulousness!

Presenting 10 items that have been my personal favorites – worn, adored, and gifted – throughout this year. I trust these recommendations will assist you in navigating your holiday shopping. Enjoy!

Ballet flats are making a triumphant return to the forefront of fashion, likely due to their comfort, versatility, and timeless style. These sensible shoes are not only practical but also feature modern twists, as seen in my go-to pair from Reformation. With silver studs and a stylish buckle, they exude a designer look at a fraction of the cost. What I appreciate most is their seamless transition from the office to casual outings, afternoon meetings, and evening events. Who wouldn’t love a shoe that effortlessly fits into every aspect of life?

There is a certain Gin craze happening right now and Aviation American Gin has quickly become a recent favorite of mine. Co-founded by Ryan Reynolds, the company was recently acquired by a well-known British beverage company. Distilled in Portland, Oregon, using a proprietary maceration recipe, Aviation stands out with its pure medley of botanical flavors. A beautifully crafted bottle of this exceptional gin makes for a delightful holiday present. Cheers!

We’re absolutely thrilled about the new addition to our neighborhood, Rosemary & Thyme, and it does not disappoint! Nestled in Picfair Village, this newcomer impresses with mouthwatering sandwiches crafted on organic Black Forest Bakery sourdough bread, bursting with flavor and gusto. Lisa Rotundi, the owner, has mastered the art of blending simple flavors with top-quality ingredients. If you’re looking for a gift from a local business, supporting this fantastic woman-owned establishment is a fabulous choice!

One of my favorite discoveries this year is the Bandolier Crossbody wallet and iPhone holder. In the fast-paced world of events, having our phones accessible is crucial. Bandolier not only provides a hands-free solution but does so with sophistication, seamlessly blending utility with style and business with pleasure. Gift your loved ones this iPhone accessory that’s bound to enhance their lives!

I’ve gained a bit of a reputation for my love of hats, and Peter Beaton’s Signature Nantucket hats have truly caught my eye. These leghorn and raffia straw hats are not just stylish accessories; they embody a lifestyle philosophy that nurtures, enriches, and celebrates the human spirit. Gifting one of these timeless hats to a chic, on-the-go woman in your life is a surefire way to make her day. And if it happens to be for yourself, well, I say go for it!

A true love of mine, the Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm, is a constant companion throughout my day. The fabulous range of shades leaves me unable to choose just one favorite—they all serve a purpose, LOL. This iconic lip balm not only enhances the natural color of your lips with a custom glow but also provides much-needed hydration. And, of course, it’s from Dior, with its luxurious designer packaging. Who wouldn’t love receiving a gift from Christian Dior?

I can’t help but mention my relatively new memoir, “My Culinary Love Story: How Food, Fun, and Love Led to a New Life.” I’m excited to share that it’s currently in the process of being adapted into a screenplay by a fantastic producer—more details on that to come! Oh, my!


This story of setbacks, victories, heartbreak, and new-found love is something that can resonate with men and women of various ages and looks quite nice with a big red bow under the tree!

THEYKNOW is a forward-thinking jewelry and accessory brand known for its experimental approach to material play and combinations. Their cutting-edge, multi-functional designs push the boundaries of traditional jewelry. Personally, I’m a fan of their unique and bold pieces, particularly their Glace initial necklaces. In fact, I loved them so much that I ended up buying them for all my family members. It’s a delightful way to express love this season—with personalized necklaces that stand out.

Black truffles are the diamonds of the kitchen, and that’s precisely why I adore TRUFF’s black truffle hot sauce. Just in time for the holidays, they’re presenting a collection of TRUFF’s most sought-after items, elegantly packaged in a matte black and gold foil box. This exquisite collection features their cult-favorites, including the original Signature Black Truffle Hot Sauce, White Truffle Hot Sauce, and their decadent Black Truffle Oil. It’s a culinary indulgence not to be missed and is certain to spice up any meal!

While it may lack the romance of traditional wine opening, I’ve discovered that having a wine preservation system is a fabulous item for those moments when you want to reserve wine properly. Renowned chefs, home cooks, and wine enthusiasts unanimously appreciate how this contraption beautifully preserves the remaining contents of the bottle. It’s a reliable solution, especially for individuals who genuinely care about their wine and want to savor a glass from an exceptional bottle. In my opinion, it makes for a highly practical and thoughtful gift, something many people might not splurge on for themselves, but will reach for time and time again.

Until next year,


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