My Tequila Love Story

I had my first sip of tequila when I journeyed to California and dined at the iconic restaurant, Alice’s, located on Malibu Pier. I was smitten by the taste and flavor that day at the beach.


From that day forward, tequila became my “go-to tipple.” From sipping while relaxing, to sharing shooters with friends at a party and creating fabulous cocktails for friends at home, it is the spirit I always reach for.


Did I mention, I LOVE the various bottle shapes and designs from different tequila brands…it is all so much fun!

Twenty-five years ago, when Dennis and I moved into our home in mid-city Los Angeles,  it featured a space built to house a cozy breakfast room.  While we were still moving in and sorting our things, this particular room became known as the junk room.


One day, I woke up and looked at the mess, and announced we would make this room into our very own “Tequila Library.”


Dennis looked at me and asked, “What about my love for single malt scotch?


“Ummm, okay,” I responded. “Then we will make it a scotch tequila library!”


In record time, Dennis had transformed the space. He added custom wood book shelves and paneling, plus a marble-top round table with four leather bucket chairs.

tequila library

VOILA! Our own scotch and tequila library!

My research tells me tequila has many beneficial qualities. It has been linked to weight loss, used as a sleep and digestion aid, and has been suggested to be good for your bones.  It also helps control blood sugar and can numb pain.


It all sounds pretty good to me but as my dad would say, “Enjoy everything in moderation.”


Needless to say, tequila has wonderful holistic qualities for me. Over thirty years ago when I was presenting at an industry event, my nerves started to get the better of me.


Dennis said, ”Let me get you a shot of tequila. That will calm you down.”


Whether it was psychological or not, I took his advice and did go on stage feeling a lot calmer!


So…drinking tequila in small doses might do you a power of good. What do you think?

Pink Pig Tequila

In honor of my Tequila story today I interviewed Marissa and Autumn, co-founders of Pink Pig Tequila, one of my FAVORITE tequila brands!

Q: What is your mission?


A: We were tired of tequila for her.” So we crafted a tequila like her: bold, complex, and with exceptional tasteDespite the fastgrowing number of female founded and led businesses, liquor has remained a male dominated space. Apart from diet drinks and fruity cocktails, alcohol is almost exclusively created by (and marketed towards) men. So on International Womens Day, we raised a glass to our new mission: create a unique, premium tequila that celebrates the drive, power and ambition of women.


Q: Where did the title come from?


A: When I was little, all I wanted was to sit on a pink pig pillow at reading time after recess. Every day Id run back into the classroom, only to find someone else had gotten it first.

Ultimately, my mom sat me down for some lifechanging advice advice that would become a battlecry for everchallenge:


If you want that pig, its up to you to make it happen. Leave recess early, be first in line... set yourself up for success, and then go Get That Pig.


Two decades later, we still cheers Get That Pigat every occasion. Whatever challenge youre facing, whether its running a marathon, learning a language, or in our case, crafting an exceptional tequila set yourself up for success, and go Get That Pig!


Q: Tell me about the charitable component behind your brand.


A: Too often, women are faced with social and economic hurdles that keep their dreams out of reach. At The Pink Pig, we want to help lower those barriers, which is why were proudly supporting Grameen America. Grameen America is a nonprofit organization that provides micro loans, training, and support to lowincome women to help them start or expand their small businesses. When you purchase a bottle of The Pink Pig, you help empower these hardworking entrepreneurs.


Q: Tell me about your new Anejo Cristalino.


A: Cristalino is an añejo thats been filtered through activated charcoal to remove its color, keeping the vanilla, butterscotch and caramel notes in añejo we adore, while bringing back the herbaceous, citrusy zing of a blanco we crave. Made with 100% blue agave and aged in white oak bourbon barrels, cristalino is the most sippable tequila on the market, and it elevates any cocktail.

I LOVE a brand that tastes fabulous AND gives back. Have you tried Pink Pig Tequila yet? I highly recommend!


I would love to hear your thoughts on my tequila story in the comments.




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  1. One of my fondest memories is sharing time with you and Dennis and drinking in your scotch tequila library thank you for all the memories!!
    Therese and Hal

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