Cindy’s Cool Corner – New Year Edition

Welcome to Cindy’s Cool Corner! Happy New Year, friends!


You might be wondering how I came up with the name, so let me share. For years, I’ve been a friend and admirer of Pauline’s and would always scope her out at industry events while she was holding court with friends and colleagues in a corner of the venue. A couple of years ago while serving as President for WIPA SoCal Chapter, we gathered at The London Hotel for an educational event, and she got comfortable in a corner surrounded by peers and friends. It was then that I told her that I, too, would someday have a “cool corner.” I probably meant at the time an actual one, but this is perfect, and there’s no better time than the present to write my first blog (can you believe this Liese Gardner!?–she is the best friend and writing coach a girl could ask for!)


Let’s use this space to talk about anything and everything that is newsworthy, positive, relevant, innovative, fun and inspiring–and maybe have some conversations that might be difficult, thought-provoking and uncomfortable. No matter what mood my new series creates, I invite you to reach out and let’s get the conversation started.

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It’s so hard to believe what we all endured in 2020 especially because it began in such a strong and positive manner with our lives and businesses thriving. Little did we know that March 13 would mark the fate of the rest of the year. Of course, what came next can be summed up in one word: pivot. We embraced remote working and e-learning. Some of us created small “quaranteams” that kept us connected and sane. All the while, we reminded each other to feel gratitude and remain in the moment. I certainly shared these sentiments and embraced the silver linings of working from home and and helping my kids with virtual learning, aka homeschooling. And if you know me, homeschooling and I were never BFFs, but this is where we are and where we will be for a while.



Heading into the New Year and continuous lockdown, my heart remains full of hope. I have faith that there is light at the end of this tunnel. We will have new leadership in our country (celebrating our FIRST female, black woman VP), several vaccines in the midst of distribution to combat COVID-19, and I have my work. I am focused and committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive community as the newly appointed Director of Diversity + Inclusion for WIPA International, in addition to my role as Business Director for Good Gracious! Events.


My hope is that we all continue to persevere and lift each other up. At the end of each day, the sunsets reminds us that we are one with the universe and a new day is on the horizon.


Oh and did I mention that this year is a BIG one for me? Do I dare say, 50?! That number seems so BIG and dramatic, but a dear friend of mine recently wrote on her blog after turning 50 that the greatest thing that comes from this age is wisdom. The wisdom that comes from mistakes made, lessons learned, and knowing who I am and what I am made of. I might not be willing to embrace the wrinkles and extra pounds–working on this for sure–but I am certainly more comfortable in my own skin. I want to focus feeling good n’ sexy, living, loving and spreading the love in my next year.

Speaking of spreading the love, each month on The Cool Corner, I’ll bring to the table–and y’all know I’m all about breaking bread and making connections–a creative partner whose services or gifts are inspiring! Which reminds me, for Christmas, I received an amazing gift from my good friend, Masha Berenboym, the owner of Artists Creating Entertainment. It was from BOXFOX, a curated gift box in the perfect shade of Tiffany Blue filled with self-care essentials like bath salts, fragrant body scrub and my fave, heart-shaped glasses (which have become my go-to’s). I will be sure to order from them again for gifting in the future.

How I miss the 3 C’s: Collaborating, Connecting, Creating. I am chomping at the bit for events to come back soon. I know y’all are saying that events won’t look the same or come back anytime soon, but I beg to differ, especially with the vaccines now becoming available in stages. Although we have been able to realign our business to incorporate virtual dining experiences and boxed meals–read more on that here–virtual will not be forever. Even if it takes a minute or two (or months), events WILL come back with a vengeance and we’ll be ready when the phone rings. I’ll be answering the phone, “Thank you for calling Good Gracious! Events, this is Cindy and how may I assist you?” Gosh that even feels good to type out. In the meantime, we will continue to pivot with the times though virtual events. 


Another highlight of 2020 was creating a lasting relationship with a delivery service that worked well for us during the holidays called DeliverThat. Thank you to my friend Monica for referring us to this amazing company. This got me thinking, what would we do without our friends’ referrals?! That’s what I love so much about our industry. We are all about sharing, creating and lifting each other up!

I cannot wait to see you in person, but until then stay safe, strong and at home!


I would love to hear what you though about my first installment of The Cool Corner. Leave a comment below and let’s continue the conversation!


Peace + Love,


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  1. I love this! so much great information. And bit thank you for the shout out! Congratulations. I look forward to visiting you in the Cool Corner again and again. XO

  2. You are turning 50? what?????

    If you know my wife, you know the passion she has for her industry, her company, WIPA, and her peers. Most importantly, her passion to get it right for her customer. No compromises, working until everything is perfect (or as perfect as it can be). She inspires me every day.


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