Pauline’s Points: Lighting and Audio

Lighting and audio are sometimes not regarded as being an important part of the celebration but there is not worse than not being able to hear the ceremony.? The same with the lighting it is important to see the key elements, no one wants to struggle to see the food at the buffet for instance!

1. With that said you do not want your guests to say ?I can?t hear? during the ceremony and with the speeches.? This is such a precious part of the wedding celebration.

2. Your venue quite often has audio available at a price point that can be used for an outdoor ceremony.? ?Determine what works best for you regarding microphone options ? lavalier, stand, handheld.


3. Your technician will work with the elements and the size of the room/space to bring you your best sound options.

4. When you need a microphone for toasts your DJ or band can probably provide this for you at no additional cost.

5. Lighting is used for practical reasons, lighting walkways, light to the parking area, lighting to restrooms etc.

6. I always advise that you allow monies in your budget for your lighting as is can make a huge statement to your overall appearance of your reception.

7. Make sure your bars, buffets, cake, DJ, band, dance floor and anything else that is needed to be highlighted for practical reasons.

8. You can have an option to pin spot your centerpieces that will make them ?pop?.

9. Other considerations are lighting designs with or without movements, create gobos for designs on your dance floor or on the walls, highlighting the space whether it is the trees, architecture or a fountain.? Discuss the gel colors that will give another layer to your overall design.

10. A reputable wedding lighting company will be sensitive to the fact that your wedding is not a film production site and will keep all cords hidden, will cover trusses and have surrounds to cover up lighting in the color that will be in keeping with the environment.

11. With the right lighting, this will only enhance all your photos at the end of the day??everything will look more beautiful.

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