Creatives Who Inspire: Scarlette Bartending

Our next creative in our ?creatives that inspire? series, is Claudette of Scarlette Bartending! If you haven?t had the pleasure of tasting one of her custom cocktails do what you can to end that drought. Read below to learn more about her favorite cocktail and how she got started in mixology! 

1. 5 things in your fridge at all times? ?
Bottle of really good Champagne and / or Ros?

2. What song can you not get out of your head?
Currently it?s Colors by Beck…the kid and I love singing that one

3. What are you most looking forward to this summer?
Taking surf lessons with the kid from the truly special Ace Conlon, my lead bartender and true supporter

4. What is your guilty pleasure?
Having an ?at home? work day

5. What?s your favorite cocktail at the moment?
Our version of The Last Word with Mezcal when Karen Sours, my other lead bartender, works her magic.

6. What is your go-to drink?
Really good reposado tequila or Rye whiskey with a large clear ice cube or neat. ?

7. What?s the favorite part about what you do?
Being at the event and seeing the guests reactions as they take their first sips and bites. At an event, food and drink is the great connector and I never tire of seeing that happen.

8. When did you first get involved with mixology?
It was my first corporate event for influencers. It was for American Horror Story, the carnival season. My colleague, Joe Moller, hired me and I thought, ?we?re going to need a bigger boat?, so to speak. I told Joe and he said call D Max. D Max opened up Varnish. He was the 1st mixologist that I met who actually had a sense of humor and was willing to break some of the rules as long as we were creating amazing cocktails. I will never create a cocktail that only has form and no function. That is why you will never see a cocktail of ours that uses dye to create the theme color or has crazy flair that creates a line down the dance floor. D Max understood that it was an honor to be hired and that must be taken seriously, but if we take ourselves too seriously, well, that is really not so fun and terribly limiting. ?A lot of mixologists that I have encountered scare the bejesus out of me. I love the art of collaboration. I also now work a lot with Gillian Georges. She?s truly touched and I am proud just to say I have her digits, yo.

9. Do you have a favorite venue to work or do you prefer private homes?
I love big open spaces, I always have. But I also am someone that needs constant change and to always be challenged or I can get a wee bit bored. This ?business? is absolutely perfect for me. She gets me and I get her and even though we might have mad mad fights sometimes, there ain?t no other place I?d rather be…I hope that makes sense, lol.

10. Where can we see more!?




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