Pauline’s Points: Entertainment

In this edition of Pauline’s Points, we are diving into the entertainment portion of your event….Shall we dance? Your music choice absolutely sets the pace

1. Your music for the wedding absolutely sets the pace for the whole affair simply by the choices you make for music

2. Think about what music you want for the ceremony, followed by the cocktail hour and then the reception.

3. You might consider using your musicians from the ceremony or the reception band to play for the cocktail hour. This can be a little more cost effective than having three complete sets of musicians.

4. Make sure with outside receptions and ceremonies you have no noise regulations.

5. Only small weddings can get away with no amplifications so make sure you have adequate sound system.

6. The first Dance adds so much entertainment to your wedding so consider making it impactful. Consider having your first dance choreographed this will involve some dance lessons but these classes can help you to relieve some stress and connect during the planning stages.

7. Music that works quite well during cocktails would be a Latin quartet, jazz trio, a pianist or string quartet. You do not want your music to dominate during this time as guests are having conversations.

8. A wedding is all about the dancing. Your options are two fold a live ?wedding? band or the DJ? I believe both are able to adjust the tempo and bring spontaneity to your event by the music they play. True a live band does have a richer sound. Determine what works best for your budget. You can add a couple of musicians if you determine the DJ is the direction you want to take that will help give a richer sound.

9. Make sure you discuss the timeline for the evening with the music director. Musicians by law do have to have a break every hour for fifteen minutes. Some will work with your as not to disrupt the tempo of the evening.

10. Make sure you have allowed enough hours that you have booked the musicians. Also be aware of what the costs will be should you decide that you would like the music to go into overtime.

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