Pauline’s Points: Party Rentals

Struggling to make a decision about party rentals for your event? Pauline has ten tips that will help you make the best choice! Read below.

1. Party rentals are needed when you book a space that has no equipment and everything has to be brought in including heaters, lighting, field kitchen etc. When doing a wedding in such a space I would recommend a planner!

2. Rentals will be a significant part of your budget. When getting estimates start with the basics of patterns to determine your prices. You can then upgrade accordingly.

4. When renting your glassware, china and flatware always allow for extra as there usually are no washing facilities at these venues to recycle product.
5. A standard guest place setting has about 12 rental items.
6. Choose a reputable rental company that gives you a good selection of product, maintains there equipment, offers good service and has a person available to you at all times outside of office hours.
7. Avoid using multiple rental companies. Deliveries and pickups of product to the right source could be a horrible experience as well as congest the in and out of vehicles at a venue.
8. When ordering a ?timed? delivery and/or Pick up, or it is a Sunday or late night you will incur extra charge fees. So see if you can have some flexibility of times.
9. Your rental company will inspect your wedding space and make recommendations of layout and flow. . They will also give you a diagram of floor plan. This will help you visualize the space with product.
10. You might need permits when tenting at a private home or location. Your rental company will help you with these services.

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